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Description:Construtora OAS - OAS Investimentos

OAS was set up in 1976, in the State of Bahia, operating in the engineering and infrastructure area. It is, today, a privately-owned Brazilian multinational conglomerate, which gathers companies present in the national territory and in more than 20 countries.

Relying on above 85 thousand employees, it is a benchmark in entrepreneurship, safety and quality. Today, OAS has established itself in two supplementary areas: OAS Engenharia S.A., responsible for carrying out heavy-duty civil construction works in the private and public sectors, such as highways, airports, hydroelectric power plants, dams and ports, and OAS Investimentos S.A., focused on investments in infrastructure, sanitation, multipurpose arenas, oil and gas, concessions of urban roads, highways, subways and airports.

Its presence, in Brazil, is decisive in essential areas for the Country's development, such as water resources, power and urban infrastructure, airports and ports, further relying on a strong growth of the mass transport in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.




  • Name: Construtora OAS - OAS Investimentos
  • City: Rio de Janeiro
  • Country: Brazil
  • Region: Central and South America
  • Phone: 551121241122
  • Website:

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